does anyone else feel like they completely BSed their applications to this school and didn't deserve to be accepted...
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The Red vs. Blue season finale was fucking garbage. Over half of it was credits. That's not even a fucking exaggeration.
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I eyed you... Blarg
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I eyed you... gg guys;40lyieK~;R2tzcC6OSKqytq3kXX5R8KEhP8JWlNgUkmpBvd08iz0MDncg1Pc0~_LsMr3EuaQnVpz5DbbZcEZ8IJse2SLZB2z4AGmWLSyEcDOG93qcJeVyQ9N~;Zx~;nFPa9~;A0Qgnlf.bps.a.10152240906
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Does anyone have a punching bag or anything I can just beat the shit out of right now? I really need to fucking get anger out. Right fucking now.
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I eyed you... I screwed up my class schedule and need to add a new course by tomorrow. I'm graduating in December and need something easy (but have already taken ENGN 9) help ideas please thanks
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I thought I was straight, then I met this guy and I'm going out with him this weekend and I'm really excited and really wanna tell people, but I'm still not sure what to call myself (Gay straight bi etc)
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I eyed you... Your ex doesn't matter anymore. You're with me now. And if I ever met that bastard who treated you like trash I would beat him down.
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I eyed you... I want to hook up with someone. Right now. Seriously. HMU.
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I eyed you... came back for alumni weekend. it was fun but tbh im so glad i've graduated. life is good. i was always stressed out at brown and now i have more time for everything.
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I eyed you... that one time Alt-J played at the GCB and didn't fucking tell anyone and I had to hear about it after the fact
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I eyed you... Lena Sclove's blue stockings centerfold issue
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I eyed you... I AM GONNA TAME YOU, GIRL.
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Prediction: somewhere in America there will be a murder case where the defense uses evidence of an internet search for "How to get away with murder" to accuse an alleged killer of premeditation, but he'll argue he was just searching info on the TV show
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the "blogdailyherald" is so embarrassing and silly. is it run by 11 year olds?
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I eyed you... dating at brown = despair
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I eyed you...walking with your friend on Brook St. after the semi-formal dance. You looked stunning and I wish I didn't have to end my night thinking about how I should have introduced myself to you.
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I eyed you... I want you to touch me all over slowly while you fuck me really deep. But I feel like I'll freak you out if I tell you...
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I eyed you... seriously, i loved being with you, talking with you, sleeping with you, spending the night, snuggling with you. but you won't let me get close to you, be my girlfriend. what's up with this? - on Brown women in general
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Just had a sexathon last night...holy shit I'm beat.
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