I eyed you... Mod, please clean up eyed. There is a lot of slander here.
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I eyed you... I didn't know so many angry women used eyedatbrown
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So I've always been in pretty good shape relatively easily, but I'm getting into the summer mood and want to better define my six pack and lose a little weight. What would be the best stuff at the ratty to get?
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What happened to innocent until proven guilty?
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I eyed you... E@B women, smh
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I don't feel bad for Kopin. I don't care that his name has been spread around Brown's campus. I feel safer knowing what he looks like. BUT until he's actually convicted by a court of law, stories posted on Slate/ Jezebel/Huffpost seem libelous.
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Everyone at Brown is mad at this rape thing right now, and I can't figure out why. Based God already fucked all yo bitches.
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I eyed you... http://thoughtcatalog.com/nicole-mullen/2014/04/everything-you-know-about-sex-is-wrong/
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GOD IS REAL. I was about to be sooooo screwed for my 1:00 & 2:30 classes. Not in terms of grades--IDGAF about grades--but b/c I had to present material. Wasn't going to get either done & would've been absolutely humiliated. BUT THE 1:00 JUST GOT CANCELED.
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One of the reasons I, and probably 80% of males on this campus, sympathize with Daniel Kopin, is because we know our sexual histories, and how sometimes our urges can get the best of us, and it scares us to see the consequences actually manifest before us
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I eyed you... ugh you guys. I don't care. He probably did it, and even if not this community doesn't "owe" him anything. He can start his social life again somewhere else. If we had a murder trial would the community be expected to just be "behind"
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I eyed you... behind the creperie is the raperie :(
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I eyed you... Srsly eyed? Naming and accusing on a public forum? You guys are worse than any of the trolls in the history of the website. I'm ashamed to go to school with any of you.
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do we choose graduation speakers based on who is most likely to donate to Brown?
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I eyed you... Ultimate troll for Brown: the rapist is black.
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I eyed you... Uncle Ned would never rape a student who he wasn't related to. He's not a monster.
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Kinda feel bad for this kid accused of rape. He's not in jail, so obviously there wasn't enough to convict him, but he has to go through more than he would if he had actually been convicted. It seems like brown is basically publically stoning him. Why?
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I eyed you... CRAP IN MY MOUTH!
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I eyed you... me, just sleeping in panties now. I'm so damn hormonal that my body temp keeps rising and falling. buh-bye shirt and pants. I just want some rest!!
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I eyed you... ok but seriously, we have to do something about Brown's *horrible* coffee.
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