I eyed you... should i play around for the month of august or wait for her to come back in september?
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I eyed you... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xMjT99fRfGs
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I eyed you... my bf tried to film me again, so im totally gonna report him for rape now, but if he wasn't black and trying to sell the tape to send money home to feed his family, id make him toss my salad first ;)
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I eyed you... I fingered a summer at brown student!!! Wululaaaaaa
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I eyed you... ever get that feeling after sending a msg in txt, fb, okc, tinder and just knowing that tho u we're being honest u somehow killed the vibe? Ugh, fuckkk
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I eyed you... a rape apologist... a Black rape apologist
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I guess that cunt gettin' eaten
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I eyed you... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fW5EhSYOYCQ#t=119
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I eyed you... work, becoming a seriously horny experience. Several men, tall young men, in suits...raw, sexy ambition and tension everywhere. I'm wet fantasizing about a threesome with two of them.
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I have decided to never eat solid food again. So far it has been 49 minutes (jk it's been 2.5 weeks)
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Every night, I have a dream about the same girl I used to be with last. Every night. And every time in that dream I get back together with her and things are better. I do not think about her during the day. It is start to eat at me. Should I ignore them?
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I eyed you... Someone's profile on okcupid said to msg them if you're not an asshole or a rape apologist... Who actually supports rape? WTF is a rape apologist? It's like being pro cancer or pro HIV
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Surprised all of the kids at Brown are excited to be an extra for that Woody Allen film, especially considering he sexually molested his daughter, and well, I thought they were against stuff like that
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I hate guys that wear those light primary colored shorts, with that casual dress shirt, a backwards cap, and worn out boat shoes; like I just feel they smell of warm natty beer and fermented sweat from yesterday's lacrosse game
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why do all places close at 2am, this shit city needs more businesses to be open late-night
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I eyed you... bsjp, is this what you want?
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I eyed you... gay people have more privilege than straight people
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I eyed you... I killed it. My penis. With a hammer.
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I eyed you... i ruined my relationship with you, and i kno u won't take me back, but i think one of these days I'll apologize 4 what I stole from both of us
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I eyed you... should I read game of thrones?
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