I'm a junior and I've never had a girlfriend. I really want a girlfriend.
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I eyed you... anyone notice new brown wireless sometimes just freezes? like you're connected but nothing loads for a minute or so
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I eyed you... what's wrong with your faaaaaace?
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I eyed you...me, becoming really close to this guy who I'm so scared to finally share my feelings for him but I have to sooner or later, I mean I keep picturing us like 10 years from now and it's so not healthy but the thought is so nice though :/
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I eyed you... okay douche bag that keeps posting early 1900 style racist comments. we get it. you're a fucking freshman. please stop.
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I eyed you... monkeying about the place. Your kind is supposed to be the 9%, but you're disruptive enough to feel like the 75%. Apes have no place at an Ivy League university.
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I eyed you...
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I eyed you... Where can I rent/check out a vacuum cleaner on campus?
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I eyed you... I like you, but I didn't jibe with your friends. Is there a chance?
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I eyed you... I honestly think girls are more shallow than guys
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I want to date a girl like michelle obama
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I eyed you...members of the vegan cult, turns out fucking water has microscopic animals, sooooo like don't be drinkin that shit
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I put my heart on the line recently for a guy. its been a while since I made myself vulnerable. Then he dumped me. Now I've hooked up with a few people since and its just not the same. I can't put my heart in it anymore. Wrong people? Or just too soon?
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I eyed you... is there a dry cleaner on thayer?
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I eyed you... I'm not kissing ass, but my Professor for a class wrote a seminal paper on a topic we're writing a midterm about. I want to quote her as a source within the paper, but am afraid how that'll be perceived. Advice please. -Freshman
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I eyed you... jenny li, smh
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I eyed you... So I'm worried. Things are heating up with me and someone else, but I move around a lot when I sleep. Any ideas how to make it possible for us both to get good rest when she stays over?
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I eyed you... okCupid. Serious question for women here that had profiles but quickly removed them: did you run away because all you received were messages asking if you wanted to have sex?
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Where are open / non-passworded wireless networks on campus / Thayer? Trying to re-install OS X and finding it to be a pain in the ass on Brown's network.
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I eyed you... Can all girls have squirting orgasms? How can I get a girl to have one?
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