Fave eyed memes? Mine are #whitedorksinthesunlab, gross vegan residue in Jo's salads, hot teenage cock. Uncle Ned is funny sometimes, soldering iron occasionally; dude who talks about questioning his sexuality every day is funny b/c it's so ongoing.
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I eyed you... wanting to plow Japanese girls all night and record their moans so I can listen to it while I shower.
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I eyed me...really interested in pushing my sexual boundaries...I am not the person you would ever expect to be into group sex...nice quiet guy but want to do threesomes foursomes etc, could it happen and without letting the world know?
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I eyed you... apparently this relationship is over. Wish I could've been told about this.
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I eyed you... trying to do something amazing at this school but always coming up short. Guess I just don't have what it takes.
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I eyed you... I like sex, but my boyfriend wants me to sit naked in a bathtub as he and four of his friends have violent diarrhea all over me--as a cleanse. Should I do it?
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I eyed you... beautiful white women... do you like asians :3 ?
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I eyed you... What night do gay guys here usually like to go to Mirabar/EGO?
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I eyed you...financial situation. I come from a single-parent household and my mom made 25k last year. How poor am I?
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We need some type of sight specifically designed for BROWN hookups. I know there's tinder...but even that's kinda iffy when it comes down to whether or not people intend to hookup.
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I'd still fuck Kevin from Ed, Edd, n Eddy ;)
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I eyed you... why are all the girls at Brown so offput by my approaching them? Is it really so strange to talk to people just because?
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I eyed you therapist breaking our appointment. Surprisingly, I am ok.
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"I did not leave the Southside for this!"
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I like the idea of Heaven in American Dad, where Heaven is like a hotel with rooms of personal heavens, where anything you want to happen happens there.
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I eyed you... my boyfriend strokes my neck when we cuddle and kiss, whispering "Good girl," over and over. Idk how to feel about it.
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I eyed you... Chomsky comin'!
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So much for yesterday being the last day of Eyed @ Brown...
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I eyed you... I killed myself. Goodbye Brown. The pills will work in a few hours. LOL JK
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